Why Choose LDS for Building Better AE Skills?

If you’re a new visitor to LDS, welcome to our website!

LDS has been a leader in accent improvement programs and AE (American English) instruction products since 1987. In that time, we’ve expanded the scope of our materials to include high-level language and usage issues for American English that are important to  adult ESL professionals.  Through it all, we feel that LDS remains a leader in the field and our initial mission still holds up today:

1. to produce accent and high level ESL materials that are result-driven, training solutions and

2. to design instructional programs our own trainers would be motivated to attend!

Success in this mission results in one goal: LDS becomes your true partner in learning. We partner with you in problem-solving for better communication. That is, we help you find a personal plan of attack to improve oral and written skills for American English.

Contact us. We will be happy to brainstorm your needs: we want you to be successful, buying the appropriate materials and instruction programs.

A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.