A continuing commitment to accented speakers of
American English... and the professionals who serve them.

The Best Formal Learning Solutions

For 20 years, LDS has been a well-known leader in the design and content of speech improvement programs for adult English, second-language speakers. We conduct our own instructional programs in specific zones of the U.S. and continue to design programs for overseas implementation. We also have a broad alliance of Preferred Trainers trained by LDS: well-trained, dynamic consultants that we know personally who will help you achieve your English communication goals.

Join us in our Online Trainer Center (OTC) for ESL Learners. There, find a variety of live online programs to improve your oral and written English communication.

When you’re ready to prioritize your learning efforts for improving your speaking skills, contact LDS & Associates.

The Most Effective Products for Working Solo

If you prefer to tackle speech improvement on your own, LDS  will guide your selection of self-study materials. Whether your goal is to improve your North American English accent or to bring an adult ‘polish’ and sophisticated speech patterns to your language skills, we can refine the search.

Let LDS be your first choice in determining how best to begin your accent improvement program.